To pioneer the democratization of information of artworks and artists, both domestic and international, allowing users across various knowledge levels to treat art as an accessible investment.


We aim to bridge the physical and online art ecosystem by merging art information in various forms with financial information, data and technology, engaging not only collectors but also young art enthusiasts, beginning with the Indian subcontinent and eventually at a global scale.


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    Whether its formal information about artworks, exploring according to tags or filters, watching videos, reading articles and reviews about your favorite artists - PROJECT ART WORM is the answer.

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    Convenience is the name of the game! We know time is money, you are guaranteed to appreciate the time we have put into you saving time.

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    High-end artworks and even high quality merchandise. We believe in setting a high quality standard and increasing affordability by providing alternative ownership mediums and models.


discover artworks Whether you are a collector or have very little to even no knowledge about art and/or artworks, EXPLORE through our entire catalogue of artworks according to your preferences. Project Art Worm eases your search by using a combination of filters that matter to you – PRICE, MEDIUM, SIZE of the artworks and REGION of the artists.
like artworks Ever want all your favorite artworks together in one place? Now with Project Art Worm, once you are a registered user, you can instantly add artworks to your FAVORITES by clicking on the heart icon of an artwork (always located at the top right of a specific artwork). This feature is accessible throughout our platform. You will automatically receive any updates about your favorited works regarding price, availablility etc.. via e-mail based on your frequency of updates requested. You can also unfavorite works by clicking the icon again at any point throughout the website. All changes are effective instantly.
follow artists With a Project Art Worm account, you can also intantly FOLLOW ARTISTS. This will enroll you to receive automatic updates on new works added by to the artist profile, changes in availability of previous works, additions to the artist bio, videos, reviews or press sections. Also you will get updates about events featuring the artist so that you continue to keep track of their career. To stop receiving updates of an artist, simply unfollow them and the changes are immediate.
add artworks to your collection By accessing the favorites & following section in your USER DASHBOARD, you can add artists that you already own within your profile’s collection. This feature is aimed towards existing and upcoming collectors. We will provide you with high priority updates specifically about these artists and help you to add to your existing collection. All this information is kept strictly confidential and is not shared with anyone or made public under any circumstances.
view in room Don't have the time to go to actual galleries or an event for an exhibition? Ever wonder how a certain artwork would look on your wall? The PREVIEW feature allows you to virtually see how any artwork throughout the portal appears in real life. Decide whether an artwork is worth your time and curiosity sitting in the comfort of your home, en-route to work or anywhere for that matter in just ONE CLICK!
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availablity info
Our portal gives you real time availability information for all artworks listed. As a collector this is extremely useful, you can instantly reserve available artworks through our portal online by paying the deposit amount. Ensure that an artwork that can add to your collection does not slip away anymore! Additionally, unavailable artworks can also be inquired about and we will update you if it becomes available for sale in the near future or if purchase is possible.
push notifications The Project Art Worm platform learns according to your activity, favorite works, followed artists and bookmarked content – whether its videos, articles, reviews, projects, events etc… Receive push notifications instantly via e-mail about changes in availability of artworks, new artworks added to an artist profile, new content added to learn about an artist, events of artists and artworks held according to your location - all free of cost, no strings attached!
search by tags Want your search results to be as specific as possible? Search couldn't have been made easier! TAGS are used to ease identification of all content - artworks, artists, projects, videos, events and more throughout the Project Art Worm platform. We want both our experienced and inexperienced users to simultaneously discover and learn about art while building on their knowledge. Our tag system employs terminology that is understandable and specific to individuals with or without previous art knowledge.
one click enquiry No more wasting time writing down which artwork you are in interested in or which post you would like more details about. With our one-click inquiry system, you can seamlessly send us a unique inqury in UNDER 30 SECONDS. We know and respect that time is money & don't want you to waste either.
updates on live events Ever wonder how to find out what art shows are ongoing or upcoming according to your current location? Where are these events hosted? We’ll do that for you! Based on your location we will provide you with updates on events currently on or upcoming based on your favorited works and followed artists. Also, you can search through the event section based on current status and location of an event in case you are traveling to a different city/country.
instantly reserve artworks If an artwork is available in real-time, you can instantly reserve it by paying the deposit amount online. The artwork is safely kept for you while you arrange the remainder of the purchase amount. Upon final payment, the ownership of the artwork is transferred to you immediately.


group ownership

New to the world of collecting art? Investing time & money alone can be a daunting task! Now purchase artworks TOGETHER. Make the process easier & collectively develop your interests and reap the benefits as well.

payment plans

Never let an artwork you like slip by again! We instantly determine your affordability for a certain artwork and structure payment plans with your preferred banking institutions. Ownership of an artwork is transferred to a client on successful final premium payment.

art products & merchandize

Don't want to take the leap into high-end artworks yet? Cultivate your curiosity and define your interests with affordable products such as high-end art prints, coffee cups, coasters, cushion covers and more. SPREAD THE LOVE WITH SOME ART!




With our team of experts and advisors, rest assured that we will provide you with a realistic and justifiable estimate of artworks that you have in your collection.


These services entail advise on potential sale opportunities, management and expansion of private/corporate collections as well as due-diligence for potential investments.


Project Art Worm only deals in artworks that have been internally verified by our team of experts. Full documentation of authenticity is part of the package. Also, we provide authentication services to our clients for artworks already within their collections.

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Team & advisors



Sahil is a finance nerd, die-hard opportunist and stickler for perfection. He has a M.Sc. in Finance & M.Sc. International Management and started Project Art Worm with a dream to merge his two passions – art and finance. He enjoys golf, loves music & traveling, is an adventure enthusiast and a dog-lover.



Bhavna comes with nearly a decade of experience as a curator, writer and art consultant. She is the Director of Latitude 28 gallery based out of New Delhi as well as the chief - editor & publisher of TAKE on art magazine. She lives and breathes art and believes in its success as a business. She loves fashion and is a vegetarian foodie.


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Project Art Worm is growing and we are always on the look out for talented individuals who don't want to but would LOVE to work for a young and fun company in dynamic yet challenging environment.

Here's a sneak peak into what qualities an "ART WORM" should have:

  • You're a people's person, love interacting with a diverse group and don't see it as a challenge
  • Responsibility and accountability are key priorities in your life! TRUST IS EVERYTHING and we like people who stick to their word.
  • You thrive in a non-conventional working environment - we like to switch things up, go out into the field, build on contacts and network.
  • IT'S ALL IN THE DETAILS - attention to detail is essential because we believe in providing information and data that is accurate to the T.
  • WORK = PLAY: You love and appreciate the arts, it’s no fun if you don't love what you do! We all love art and want to spread the love to the world.
  • TEAM PLAYER - There’s no I in TEAM! We believe in a flat organizationaL work structure. No egos, no power trips, it's all about respect!

Don't let this opportunity to be part of our amazing team slip by!

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If you like the concept of Project Art Worm and would like to partner with us, we would love to have a talk with you! Even if you don't, we would like to hear your thoughts and work towards improving your experience. We are always on the look out to connect with galleries and institutions that share our passion. For more details -

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Nam Jun Paik

Capitol Talkies, 2011

22 x 22/in


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