ARTICLE: Artist Bose Krishnamachari’s creative strokes

19th December 2010

"I didn’t need to look at the nameplate to know that I have reached artist Bose Krishnamachari’s home — for a riot of fluorescent colours on the door revealed its creative owner.

Pop art cushions, psychedelic oval table, fluorescent-coloured bottles add an element of quirkiness to the spacious hall.

“Anything that I buy or create must not only have a functional value but also an aesthetic element to it,” says Bose about his preferences.

On one of the walls hangs a Murano glass white clock in a ‘lacy’ design purchased from Singapore. A helicopter-shaped fan from Thailand follows the same principal of being functional yet aesthetic.

Though the house is 1,400 sq ft, Bose has utilised space cleverly.

For instance, perforated steel sliding doors act as a great space saver and also add much to the decor — covering the kitchen, bar cabinet and the passageway to the bedroom.

Stylish red flutes in the bar cabinet were picked up from Museum of Modern Art, New York. “As an abstract artist these optical illusions are visually stimulating to me,” explains Bose of his fascination for psychedelic prints.

Silver leafing on the walls are as much a visual delight as they are a neutral backdrop for displaying artworks. The metallic look of the flooring comes from the Spanish tiles. The decor in the master bedroom is simple. Two paintings by Prajakta Palav hang on the silver leafed walls while a purple alcove adds a sharp contrast.

Even the cupboards are silver leafed and coated with laminate to increase its longevity.

With two young kids Aaryan, 7, and Kannaki, 4, Bose wanted a child-friendly space but one which also took care of his artist leaning, and the home has successfully found this balance."

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