Nityananda Ojha



Born: India, Orissa

Disquieting states of mind synthesize the existential and political in Nityananda Ojha's oeuvre - forces central to his practice. The evocative works ...


Lives & Works: India, Baroda


2009: B.V.A. (Sculpture) from Utkal University of Culture, Orissa, India
2009: M.V.A from Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S. University Baroda, India...



2011: ‘Urban Testimonies’ at Latitude 28
2009: Moonwalk at Gallery Maskara at Mumbai
2008: Integration at Faculty of Fine Ar...



NEWS: An art exhibition using unconventional media

"Art that embodies a shift from conventional media and is supplemented by a candid and fresh thought process is what the works of four artists -- Deepjyoti Kalita, Kartik Sood, Nityananda Ojha and Siddhartha Kararwal -- seek to achieve. The artists, graduates from Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda, have used contemporary media to showcase their ideas that will be featured in Urban Testimonies, an exhibition beginning July 17 at Art Gallery Latitude 28. Latitude 28 director Bhavna Kakar says, “Despite being young, they are not afraid. All the artists are convinced about their work.” The show has an interesting mix of experimental paintings and sculptures that have “not shunned away the traditional forms”, she insists. Sood's work titled “ Plucking at the Heart Strings”, for instance, uses light as the medium. A set of 10 backlit paintings with images of children connected to each other through loose strings is a reference to cultural identities and living environments. “I have used normal bulbs. The images are about memories. I have collected these over time, in seven to eight years,” says Sood. He adds that the entire show is a reflection of our “urban culture” through time. Ojha, who uses media as varied as junk jewellery, acrylic and stone among others, agrees that though the show is experimental, it is independent, not thematic. “The material used is a metaphor,” he says. Talking about one of his works, he says the idea was to depict the existence of feelings whose value is dead. Kararwal's work involves materials like plastic bags, foam sheets, firecrackers, cardboard, bronze, iron, copper, fibre, clay and plaster of Paris. His work titled “ Kalki”, a cosmonaut suit prepared from waste material, is a satirical attack on man's negligence towards environment. On the other hand, Kalita's works centre around the challenges of duplicity, insecurity and instability. His work titled “ The Incompetence of being Complete”, made with acrylic, fibre glass, iron, LED and paper, displays an apparent restlessness of the central figure of a man. The work depicts the search and constant confusion of a “perfect decision” by the man. Though each artist worked independently and each work is personal, the “whole show together, is connected,” says Sood. Agrees Ms. Kakar, “It is about urban subjects, the kind we deal with everyday. The works stand well together.” The exhibition will open today at Latitude 28, Lado Sarai and will be on till August 18." By NEHA ALAWADHI

NEWS: Luxury brands Salvatore Ferragamo, Mercedes Benz join hands with Frangipani Art to host art ex

"Ahmedabad After BMW and Mont Blanc, more premium brands are coming to Gujarat to patronize art. Salvatore Ferragamo, Mercedes Benz have joined hands with the city based Frangipani Art to organize solo shows of sculptures and paintings. Artist Nityananda Ojha will showcase sculptures titled 'Illuminati' while Jayesh Sachdev's painintigs titled 'Indiascapes' would be on display during October 21-23 at Hutheesing Art Centre in Ahmedabad. Meanwhile, luxury goods maker Ferragamo will display its Fall Collection and Mercedes Benz exhibit its cars. "We are pleased to bring artists and brands together. Both art and luxury brands are aiming to reach out to the same set of people who appreciate aesthetics. It is our yet another show with premium brands in Ahmedabad. We understand that such alliances in art arena will keep on increasing in days to come as the state is growing and people are taking more interests in art and luxury," said Harssh Shah, MD of Frangipani. After the state's cultural capital Vadodara, commercial capital Ahmedabad is the largest art centre in Gujarat. It may be mentioned here that painter Sachdev graduated with a Degree in Communication Design from Lasalle SIA College of the Arts, Singapore and he is credited as British Council Recipient for the Top 5 Young Arts Entrepreneurs in India, 2008. Recently, he gave a TED talk which was critically acclaimed. Sculptor Ojha graduated from MS University Baroda his sculptures explore the money-oriented realm through the display of objects of an odd fascination." By Mitul Thakkar

ARTICLE: The young emerge big

"The art world has been abuzz with fresh and new talent emerging from all corners of India. The ease at which art is being pursued is heartwarming. Art is no longer rubbished as a third choice career. Now, the need of the hour is to promote fresh talent. Despite the fact that the art market is facing a slump right now yet the startling fact is that there has been no shortage of the spirit shown by younger artists. One of the reasons why everyone is looking at younger artists is their variety and technical prowess, and also the affordable price range. It's nice to see that plenty of art spaces are coming up with a bigger magnitude and provide bigger opportunities for the younger artists. An art space like Kalarasa is the first of its kind private initiative housing all art forms under one roof. There are other relevant spaces in Delhi like Kiran Nadar Museum of Art which also undertakes interactive events, 1 Shanti Road in Bengaluru and not to forget the Space Studio in Baroda which serves as the meeting hub of artists and connoisseurs. There is also the National Gallery of Modern Art which serves as a one-stop for art awareness. These spaces provide a plat form and act as a bridge between the artists and art connoisseurs. Galleries must take up the mantle to pro mote young artists and assist them with financial funds as several extremely talented artists, due to lack of funds and failure in selling their works, have landed in different careers to make ends meet. While there is immense respect for seniors, young artists also deserve an appropriate space. Looking at art investment is always a thing of passion that requires homework. New collectors need to look at the works of younger artists as they are affordable and add variety. But before going for any young artist's work, one must always do a ground check on the artist, how versatile their work is, how skillful the techniques and if the artist has received enough reviews and awards. The main perspective to look at is how creatively the artist is different. At all times, a collector must request an authenticity certificate as it is essential for resale or copyright issues. Never buy the artwork keeping returns in mind. Buy an artwork because you love it and feel proud to own it. Its value will grow value will grow over time. Flaunt your paintings on the walls and show the world that you are among the elite who col lect art. Having curated shows featuring young artists, some of the talented ones are Aishwaryan K., Santhosh C.H., Rupesh Patric, Sujata Sah Sejekan, Praveen Kumar, Santosh Andrade, Nityananda Ojha." By Harish Sejekan

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