Fancy that of London (Asia Pop Series)

  • 19.6 x 19.6/in
  • Mixed Media on Canvas, Pop-Art
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United Kingdom, Bristol, - 1996 Ketna Patel is a typical example of globalization. To date, she has lived in three different continents; Africa, Europe and Asia, each more than a decade. No wonder then that her work threads through many realms. Her personal experiences, cultural immigration, observations of popular and high culture, the juxtaposition of external, material worlds on top of inner bewilderment. To reflect the world, and her part in it, Ketna's works are usually not minimal affairs.

The intellectual / academic world, for her is limiting, and, in her opinion, has too often been used to justify or substantiate recent artistic expression, including architecture. Man does not live by decree or ideology, but by his or her own sense of purpose. The mass consciousness that belongs to the whole planet is emotive in its outset. First worlds misunderstand third worlds, and the wrath and the insecurity of the latter manifests itself in twisted episodes of contemporary life. More than ever, the world is busy, noisy, and explosive. There is heat in our bodies, from unexpressed words, to heat above us in the skies, from too much synthetic energy.

The 'Information Age' is upon us. New technologies and media are changing the way we navigate through our reality. Hierarchies and distinctions that were previously present in Asian society are now merging in the context of a new accelerating time continuum. The age of the 'instant' and 'now' is influencing us in unprecedented ways. Project ASIA POP was designed by artist Ketna Patel to take a closer look at this new age.

POP stands for popular culture or the 'culture of the people.' In popular culture, famous icons are mixed with the ordinary. For example, many Indian households proudly display images of Gods, Bollywood Stars, national heroes and family all on the same wall. Current affairs programs and soap-operas co-exist. As well as real press and the gossip channels.

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